Workshop on how to interact with visually impaired people held in Khavarmianeh Bank

The population of visually impaired people in Iran is about 1.5% of the total population of the country. These people use public services like other citizens. The lack of familiarity of the employees of various departments with how to interact with visually impaired people has created problems for these people. The institute for support of patients with RP considers itself the task of teaching how to interact with visually impaired people to make life easier for these people.
In this regard, RP Institute, in coordination with various organizations and institutions, intends to hold a three-hour interactive workshop entitled Effective Interaction with Visually Impaired People, whose main themes are:
• Answers to common questions and concerns about visual impairment
• How to interact and communicate with blind and partially sighted people
• Guiding the blind and visually impaired
• Accessibility requirements in buildings and digital environment for visually impaired persons.
Based on the arrangements made with the bank, the first workshop was held on the 12th of July 2022 at the Middle East Bank with the presence of the deputies of Tehran branches. It should be mentioned that the deputy heads of branches of other cities participated in this workshop online. In the end, the audience expressed their satisfaction with the content of the workshop.

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