Meeting and discussion of representatives of the Ministry of Health with the board of directors and experts of RP Institute

On the occasion of the beginning of the health week, the board of directors and experts of RP Institute and the officials of the Ministry of Health met and discussed at the place of the institute for support of patients with RP on August 21. In this meeting, while presenting a report of the institute’s activities this year, issues such as: medical plans to support the RP family, need of a OCT device, problems of RP patients in the health transformation as the main axes of the next year’s plans, and the parties in the following cases reached an initial agreement:

– Signing a memorandum of understanding to use the facilities of ophthalmology hospitals with the facilities and equipment needed to diagnose RP

– Finding the solution for insurance coverage of rehabilitation services for RP patients

– Facilitating the process of and genetic tests and counselings for visually impaired people

– Establishing a relationship between RP Institute and research centers in the field of vision diseases

– Examining the solution to cover RP disease in the category of special diseases

-Introduction of donors to the institution to provide educational, living and vision aids expenses

– Continuation of holding meetings between the officials of the Ministry of Health and RP Institute

– Pursuing obtaining the license of the educational and research center for the institute and association of RP patients in the specialized field of activity

– Hardware and software platform (preparation of computers with high processing to form a database of RP patients all over the country) and provision of human resources to identify patients, screening and prevention measures for future generations based on electronic, digital and smart system

-Coordinating with specialized medical commissions and the parliamentary deputy of the ministry in the parliament to approve the legal, social and cultural laws of RP patients.

Dr. Mahmoudi, Dr. Haeri, Eng. Heydari from the Ministry of Health and Tehmina Yeganeh, CEO of the Institute, Homan Kamili Esfahani, Dr. Homayoun Shahmoradi, Dr. Ahmed Beh Pajoh, Dr. Reza Lashgari, Hadis Omid, Omid Hashemi and Sayeh Semnanian from the RP Institute are among the attendees of the meeting. were above At the end of this meeting, Dr. Mahmoudi, the representative of the Ministry of Health, while giving recommendations in line with the issues raised, emphasized the cooperation of the Ministry of Health with the RP Institute.

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