Our Mission

Goals and Vision

In the eight articles of association of eye disease RP support the goals of the organization specified in paragraph 6:

1- . Low vision and blindness in the country to avoid raising awareness and increasing public awareness 2. The promotion of individual and social life impaired by soliciting the support of the relevant authorities and agencies 3. attracting and guiding motives of public participation

4. Efforts to awareness and new laws in support low-vision and blind 5. cooperation with relevant institutions to conduct research and studies in order to achieve practical ways to prevent the disease. 6. identify patients RP across the country .



At no time ever in medicine, genetic research has not progressed much in the field of hereditary disease of the retina and is said to have the greatest impact in the field of genetics in medicine has been Dzhnrasyvnhay retina. In the near future, the mechanism of retinal function in health and disease status largely decoded and EVI-Genoret projects and access to effective treatments in a range of inherited retinal diseases will be possible.

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