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Inside The Park Avesta,Azadi St. Enghelab Sq,Tehran,Iran
tel : 669482-66948284
Fax: 66948282

  • Medical specialists, specialty eye contact with the retina

  • Contact geneticists prevention and treatment strategies

  • Researchers associated with the latest achievements in the field of health

  • Contact servants and staff working for follow-up and periodic checkups

  • Meet and connect with patients RP across the country

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Contact US!

Hope for a better future.
Hope for a better future.Learn better ways to live
With many years of experience in patients RP and RP Center can share the experience each patient and each patient has a better and healthier

join us to support RP patients

Perhaps no member of the body of this size in the evolution of this type have not been effective. The support of eye disease RP motivated opposition pest that threatens eye health of your loved ones has been created

1- trying to make contact with other centers around the world to access the latest scientific findings about RP
2-Correspondence with ophthalmology centers to cooperate to track patients’ perception in the community

3-Having Ophthalmology and genetic counseling

Implementation research is to identify randomized patients with glaucoma cooperation with Tehran Municipality

Advice on choosing a career
Low vision problems in children and families who have trouble RP
Issuance of membership cards at the Institute