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To Treat an Inherited Retinal Disease….

In simple terms, genes are like recipes for making proteins. All the cells in our bodies “read” genetic information so they can make the critical proteins necessary to stay healthy and function properly. If there is a mistake in a gene — that is, a misspelling — a protein might not be made correctly and [...]

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A Change in Identity Might Someday Save Vision

A Change in Identity Might Someday Save Vision No, people with inherited retinal diseases don’t have to adopt new names or personas, or go into witness protection programs, to save their vision. But by changing the identity of cells in the retina — namely rods — researchers may someday be able to slow or halt [...]

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FFB Investing in Cures Summit

FFB’s Investments Are Filling the Pipeline for Vision-Saving Therapies With five gene-therapy clinical trials underway or soon to begin, Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (AGTC) is generating tremendous excitement for the potential to overcome vision loss from several inherited retinal diseases. At the Foundation’s Investing in Cures Summit on September 16 in Chicago, Sue Washer, AGTC’s [...]

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FFB Convenes Experts to Discuss Therapeutic Opportunities for Stargardt Disease

By Ben Shaberman on February 28, 2017 Stargardt disease is the world’s leading cause of inherited macular degeneration, affecting 30,000 people in the United States alone. It is also a challenging condition to understand and treat. While Stargardt disease often causes severe loss of central eyesight, its effect on vision and the retina can vary [...]

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