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Eye Group

In order to identify the symptoms of night blindness such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal swelling and treat them Last updated treatment recommendations RP about the disease and identify those at risk and refer them to the Department of Genetics

Genetic Group

A definitive diagnosis of certain genetic diseases at the Institute Arpi Arpi and register it with genetic counseling and testing to prevent disease in future generations

Contact With RP Patient Centers in the world

RP accessing the latest scientific findings about the disease and discuss the formation of scientific meetings and conferences in the near future

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راه اندازی غرفه عینک آرپی

راه اندازی عینک سازی موسسه آرپی با تلاشهای صورت گرفته و هماهنگیهای انجام شده غرفه عینک سازی موسسه حمایت از [...]

Member of the RP patients
Monthly blindness due to lack of timely examination
Genetic counseling needy families

About RP Clinic

The RP Eyewitness Institute has been developed with the motivation to treat eye diseases and has been able to identify many people with the disease during their lifetime. Each week, some of them are examined for the purpose of conducting examinations, recommendations and counseling are required, and if necessary, therapeutic measures are taken.

“RP” is a group of inherited eye diseases that affects the retina. Gradual but progressive vision loss in patients with RP and usually people with this disease lose your vision completely.

Many people with RP, especially the elderly, are more difficult to accurately diagnose medical problems quoted material. Fortunately, advanced diagnostics and information technology increasingly helping doctors to diagnose the disease and is usually diagnosed at a young age RP.

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I hope to God we are trying to achieve with treatment. With modern technology and a lot of research trying to find the best way to solve the problem of our patients