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Iran RP Center

Our mission is to help RP patients
Has not denied any of the luxury treatment
In the hope of eradicating the disease.

یOne of the most beautiful gifts of God to human vision and healthy eyes is a lot of secrets and mysteries of creation and split them apart and makes him well. دPerhaps no part of the body of this size in the evolution of this type have not been effective. The organization supporting eye disease RP has been created and during its operation has been able to identify many patients with this disease. Each week, a number of them have been invited to the Institute for examination, under scrutiny for their recommendations and remedial measures taken if required.

The correspondence with ophthalmology centers to cooperate to track patient files taken at the community level and through communication, information about the patient RP is sent to ophthalmologists.

  • communicate with other RP centers around the world

  • Access to the latest scientific findings about RP

  • Issuance of membership cards for patients who have been examined

  • Genetic counseling to patients and their families to prevent disease in the next generation

  • RP statistical research activities, etc.

  • Follow-up treatment of patients and members of the Institute

Institute professors&Active Members

All of RP activists are trying to improve all the facilities and services to patients around the country provide RP Patients

Dr Reza Ghaffari


Dr Mehdi Nouroozi

A molecular geneticist

Dr Amirhossein Mahmoudi


Dr Ali Abdollahi


Mr Hamid Rajabi

Institute staff

Mrs Sheikhpour

Institute staff

Mrs Ranjkesh

Institute staff

Dr Jaberi

Institute staff

Mr Esmailpour

Institute staff

Mr Seraj

Institute staff

Supporters Institute

This charitable institution and has absolutely respected by donors has been handled, and no state funding is not received from organs and specialized agencies

Our commitment

We are committed to doing their best for patients and their families apply RP and trying to eradicate the disease in the world.